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School StaffSchool Counselor
Subjects Taught
PE 1st Grade, PE 2nd Grade, PE 3rd Grade, PE 4th Grade, PE 5th Grade, PE 6th Grade, PE 7th Grade, PE 8th Grade, PE Kindergarten, PE PreK3, PE PReK4


I am a graduate of the University of Delaware where I earned my B.S in Physical Education.  During my 4 years at UD I was a member of the tennis team, becoming captain my senior year.  


Over the course of 20 year I have been a Physical Education teacher throughout the Diocese but as well as public schools.  I also spent five years as an activity coordinator for senior citizens.  

Each day I meet with a variety of grades ranging from Preschool 3 to Eighth grade.  I have to adapt my lesson plans to meet the needs and match the skills of each grade. With each skill set learned we apply the skills to various versions of sports, including baseball, hockey, soccer, football, volleyball and basketball.  Throughout the year grades 5-8 participate in the Presidential Fitness challenge.  


When I am not teaching my students I enjoy a variety of activies such as sports (of course), reading, cross-stitching, gardening, quilting and traveling!