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Class News

May 2, 2018  

                                                            May 2, 2018

Dear Parents,


We are deeply sorry about the passing of Fr. Nick.  The children adored him and enjoyed seeing him often at the Friday morning masses.  Our school has prayed for him all year.  We made a poster that says We Love You Fr. Nick!  It had hearts all around it. 


There are many things coming up in May.  We have May Procession, Field Day, our fieldtrip, Barnes and Noble Night, and a Kindergarten program all in the next 5 weeks.   They are so excited.  I hope all moms have a nice Mother’s Day!  The children are excited about making a gift for mom. They love the idea of keeping a secret from “mom”!  I hope it’s a great day for mom!


Well, it sure is a busy time for Kindergarten.  We reviewed quite a lot as we prepared for the Math and Reading computer test last week.  The students did pretty well. Mrs. White was very proud of how hard they worked.  The scores will not be used this year at all.  It is really just a baseline for next school year.  Starting next year, the children will do the computer testing (Renaissance 360 STAR Test) each trimester.   


We are still quite busy in Math and Reading learning new things every day.  We will have an End of the Year Cumulative Test in Math and in Reading late in May.  Please continue to work nightly with your child.  This last month or so is a very important time in your child’s year.  Please continue work hard with sounds, vowels, numbers, and skills that you see on the papers coming home nightly.  This final half of the third trimester is a very important time.  There are another 23 school days left in Kindergarten!! So continue to work hard.    


I hope all moms have a wonderful Mother’s Day. 





                                                                        Mrs. K. Potts

April 4, 2018  

April 4, 2018

Dear Parents,


            I was pleased with the report cards. If you have any questions, please contact me.   Keep up the work at home with them. Remember, the Reading EVERY NIGHT is an important way to help your child learn to read, to write and to comprehend. It is hard to believe that we are now into the Third and FINAL Trimester. It is hard to believe how fast this year is going! It is scary to think how fast these guys have grown and matured! Can you remember back to the first day of school? WOW? What a difference!  


            Homework is a reinforcement of lessons taught in school. It is mandatory and counts towards a grade. Your child is to complete only one night’s assignment each day. Please do not work ahead of the assigned day since that lesson may not have been taught and that might confuse your child. Also, the homework is to be that of the child in order to get credit for the assignment. If your child struggles with one assignment then hold off and save it to be completed the next evening. All assignments must be turned in though. Snow Day Packets are mandatory. They are to be competed one week from the snow day. They count as a test grade. If it is not turned in on time a grade is dropped each day it is out. A zero is given for the Snow Day packets that do not come in.


In Religion, we are finishing up our unit on New Life and the Resurrection of the Lord. The children really enjoyed this unit. They were able to act out and retell what happened Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Their test went well.


In Science, we are working on The Effects of the Wind. They made bag kites and we will be taking them out to fly them very soon. We have been very busy last month. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, had an egg hunt with our buddies and celebrated the first day of spring. In Religion, we just began our unit on New Life and what it means. With only 8+ weeks of school left, it is time to get into the swing of preparing for FIRST GRADE!


            I would like to thank you for the beautiful flowers, the mass cards, sympathy cards and the kind words during my mother’s passing. It was a very difficult time and I am most grateful. I had a wonderful spring vacation. I spent a lot of time with my grandchildren. I hope you had some fun with your family as well.





                                                                      Mrs. K. Potts

March 23, 2018  

Dear Parents,


   I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my wonderful students and their families for the lovely flowers that were send to me, as I mourn the death of my mother. The kind words and prayers were most comforting.


I’d also like to wish everyone a very blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.




                                                       Mrs. K. Potts

March 1, 2018  

                   March 1, 2018

Dear Parents,


Things are really moving along in the Kindergarten. The marking period is coming to a close. Please continue to work on following directions, comprehension and large number recognition at home. This is a weakness throughout the class each year and I know that with practice we can help them to improve.


In Social Studies last week we had a Dental Hygienist come into our classroom and tell us about taking care of our teeth and healthy foods to eat. It was wonderful and the children learned a lot. They received new toothbrushes and coloring books on dental care. Thank you Happy Tooth for coming to visit!


In Math class we are working on Addition and Subtraction. They are doing pretty well with Addition. They do get confused with the signs (+.-. =) from time to time.


In Reading we are now sounding out 3 letter words (Short vowels) such as CAT, PEN, MAT CAP, BAT, BED, HAM. They have learned all short and long vowels. Many are having difficulty with them. Please work with your child on sounding out and reading words. All students should be reading words by now. If you do not have Easy Reader books at home, now is the time to get them. (You can order them through Scholastic Book Club) These books will encourage your child to read. Have them read to you at night (even if it's only a sentence or two). Please continue to have your child read the Easy Readers NIGHTLY!


The 2nd marking Period ends Friday. As the final trimester begins, the students will be doing more creative writing. For homework, we will continue to SOUND OUT & WRITE a sentence. I am asking that you sound the words out with him\her ONLY! Do not spell the words for them! This is very important. Spelling is taught in 1st and 2nd grade NOT IN KINDERGARTEN!


In Religion, we are working on Lent and how the Lord suffered on the cross for us.  We will be going over to church soon to walk through the Stations of the Cross and learning about Jesus’ journey to Calvary. We will also be acting out Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This is an exciting time for the students.



All students should now hear beginning and ending sounds of most words. If your child is not doing this at this time, I would be glad to meet

with you at this time to go over some ways to help. Practice at home is the MOST important thing you can have your child do. We had a verbal Unit 5 & 6 Sight Word test last week. Most of the children did VERY well recognizing the sight words. However, some of them had quite a bit of trouble reading them. Please have your child read these sight words nightly. They must know these words for 1st grade and I cannot stress this enough. Thank you!



Here are a few reminders of upcoming events:


Feb. 28                 Ice Cream treat for kindergarten

March 1                Bishop Visits our school

March 8                Spring Wish list items are due (See attached paper)

March 10              Casino Night 4pm-midnight

March 14              Home & School Meeting 6:30

March 25              Easter Egg Hunt after 11:00 mass

March 29              No School Holy Thursday

March 30              No school Good Friday

April 2                  No school Easter Break

April 3                  No school Easter Break

April 4                  School Resumes








                                            Mrs. K. Potts                                                                                                                                 


Announcement Image for March 1, 2018

February 12, 2018  

February 12, 2018

Dear Parents,


Things in Kindergarten have been quite busy lately. The students are looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day. Please send all Valentines cards to school when they are completed. REMEMBER: NO NAMES ON THE ENVELOPE.


         In Math we’re finishing up the unit on Addition and Subtraction. They are coming along nicely. Our test will be shortly. Many of the children are getting the +, - and = signs mixed up please work with them on that.


 In Reading, we have learned most of our sounds now. Please have your child work on these. Your child should know all long vowel sounds and most short sounds. Your child should also be sounding out 3 letter words (cat, hat, bug) and writing the sounds that are heard. Your child should be able to recognize all letters of the alphabet and be able to tell you what letter is heard at the BEGINNING, AND MIDDLE, AS WELL AS THE ENDING OF A WORD.

In Social Studies, the students are learning about making, spending and saving money. They have really enjoyed this. Many of them thought that the bank can give anyone money at any time. They were very interested when I actually was teaching them that you must put money INTO the bank before you can TAKE money out! They were very curious HOW the debit card works.

In Science, we are learning about Daytime and Nighttime Sky. They went out for a walk last week to find shade. They learned that the shade can cool you down.

You will notice this is one of the busiest times of the school year. We have had a lot of things going on during January and February. We have Black History, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Dental Health Week, all in the next 5 weeks!   Wow!  


Here's a sample of the crazy dates:



Feb. 14  Ash Wednesday Beginning of Lent


Feb.15  Valentine’s Day Celebration (No names on envelopes)


Feb. 16  No School Teacher In-Service


Feb. 19  No School Presidents day


Feb. 23  Religion Project due (cross)


Mar. 2    Dr. Seuss Day


Mar. 20   First Day of Spring!!





Mrs. K. Potts

January 8, 2018  

January 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

          Happy New Year!!!!  I would like to express my deepest and most sincere thanks for all of the wonderful gifts and goodies that I received at Christmas time. It was most generous and thoughtful.  I hope you and your family had a healthy and Merry Christmas. The students did a wonderful job in the Christmas Concert.  I was so proud of them.  I am so glad that many of you were able to make it. 

I am very happy to be getting back into the swing of things.  I look forward to getting down to the second half of our school year. I cannot believe it is almost half over!  We will be busy in January with lots of things.  We are working on shoe tying for two weeks, Martin Luther King Day, and will begin Catholic Schools Week.  It will be a BUSY month!  Stay tuned for more details! 

Wow!  You can tell January is here.  The children need to bring sweaters (or Gym sweatshirt) to school daily, as our hallway, gym and other classrooms can get cool at times.  Also, they need to wear a coat, hat and gloves.  Recess can get cold (We do go out when weather permits).  We don’t need the children getting sick!   . 

Snow days have come and gone. The first snow packet is due Friday January 12th and the second snow day packet (which is attached) is due Tuesday January 16th .  If you happen to misplace these packets you can print them out from my webpage.    Remember this is mandatory.  Grades will be dropped everyday if it is late.

In Math we began the unit on Addition.   In Reading we are still working on Sounds and Rhyming Words.  It is time for your child to “sound out and write what letters they hear”.  They do not have to spell it correctly.  They just need to write what letters they think they hear. This is most difficult for some of the children.  Please work on this at home.   Handwriting is still quite difficult for a few children.  If you see your child is having trouble please work on this as well.  We have introduced the formation of all letters and numbers.  Please have your child practice shoe tying every night for the next two weeks.  It is most important for your child to accomplish this task.  It is a skill that is on the report card.  It will be the middle of the 2nd marking period in three weeks.  I will meet with many of you soon to discuss how your child is doing.  This is a great way to check in and see how we can work together to help your child.       

In Social Studies we will be working on Needs and Wants as well as Martin Luther KingUsing Addition in Science is our topic in Science. Epiphany and the Holy Family are the topics in Religion.    

 I would like to remind all parents/guardians that homework is to be done at home with a parent,  not at After-Care/ Community Center.  I would like you to know what it is your child is learning and where his/her strengths and weaknesses are.  If an older school student is doing the homework with your child, it is difficult to know how much help was needed to complete the assignment.  Thank you.

 Well, I told you it would be a busy month!  Happy New Year!

Yours Truly,

                   Mrs. K. Potts                               





January 2-12                  Shoe tying (wear or bring easy to tie shoes).  No boots of course.

January 12                      First Snow Day packet is due (Mandatory)

January 12                      Scholastic Book Order due


January 15                      No school: MLK Day

January 16                      Second Snow Day packet is due (Mandatory)

January 19                      Noon Dismissal

January 26                      Trimester 2 Interim

January 30                      Catholic Schools Week Begins:  Mass


Dec 13, 2017  

                                                                              Dec. 13, 2017


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the hustle and the bustle of the season.   The students have been getting ready for our program and making decorations for Christmas. The students have worked very hard to prepare for the program. It begins at 10:00 next Friday (12/22). After the program the students will return to the classroom to prepare for 12:00 dismissal. The program is always a fun time for the students.  We will have a Christmas celebration/gift exchange with our buddies next Wednesday 12/20 (buddies presents are due Monday the 18th) and our birthday party for Baby Jesus on  Thursday Dec. 12/21 in the afternoon.  Wow!  What a crazy week.  This is a very exciting time for the children!  (And they are excited enough ALREADY!!!!)


The kindergarten students have been asked to wear Christmas DRESS clothes and SNEAKERS next Friday for the program (no jeans, leggings, or boots).  Red, white, or green would be nice.  Any festive dress clothes are appropriate.  We are looking forward to our program. We sure hope you can make it. You might want to arrive early. The Gym will be packed! Bring your camera!!


I would like to wish all of you a very happy and blessed Christmas and I would ask that you please keep all of the students and me in your prayers during the holidays.  I have asked all of the students Christmas morning to remember Jesus (the real meaning behind Christmas) by wishing Jesus a happy birthday. Have a wonderful holiday and I will see everyone in January.




Mrs. K. Potts








Homework in kindergarten is a review of what your child has learned in school during the day or the past week.  It is mandatory.  It will begin later in September.  Homework is to be completed by the child.  You’d be surprised how many students have brought to school work which was completed by an older student or a parent.  Homework is to benefit the child!  The homework policy is as follows:

·        A homework packet will be sent home on Monday with an assignment or two for each night.  Please complete that assignment and send only that completed assignment back to school the next day.

·        Keep the Homework Packet at home.

·        Reading 15 mins. Each night to your child (or your child I reading to you).  A child that is read to becomes a better reader.

·        Practicing sight words as they are sent home

·        An occasional project

·        Possibly there will be work sent home that your child did not complete during the day (or work that is needed for extra help)

Please do not work ahead with the assignments.  The skill of a certain lesson may not have been taught yet.  The Sight Words must be practiced as well.  If you need ideas on how to make practicing sight words, letters, numbers more fun, please set up an appointment.  I have lots of great ideas that can help.  There are many educational links on my website.  Your child might enjoy using as he/she practices a skill. They will periodically be changed on my website, so save them to your computer.  Please use these links and play with your child.  With your help, I know we will have a successful school year.