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Our trip to the orchard is Monday  



      Don’t forget our field trip is Monday October 16.  Please have your child wear gym uniform and old sneakers or boots. Your child needs to bring regular sneakers to school in a bag.  We will put clean sneakers on when we return from the muddy orchard.  Students will not need a snack on Monday.  A snack will be provided on the trip.  The trip will be rain or shine. 


      Please do not forget to send in the Halloween wish list items.  They are due next week.  


                  Have a great weekend,


Mrs. K. Potts

October 2017  

Dear Parents,


In Social Studies we will be working on family and friends, as well as our unit on Fall. Our trip to the Apple Orchard is coming up soon (Oct. 16th).  We will learn about the life cycle of the pumpkin, and apple trees.  The students are really excited about our trip. I need the children towear their Gym clothes and boots or old shoes to school.  They also need to bring sneakers or school shoes in a bag.  We will change our clean shoes when we return to school.  The children may be eating in the classroom that day.


In Reading, we are working on recognizing and putting letters Aa-Zz in order.  We had our first test on letter recognition (a-z) this week.  Please work nightly with your child.  I am sending home large ABC papers for your child to practice ABC order.  Have your child practice putting them in order 2-3 times.  Please keep them at home. Have your child “Sing the Alphabet Song” to help him \ her.  You can hang them on the wall in case your child needs to look at them.   Many children are still having trouble with the end of the alphabet Oo - Zz (as well as mixing up b,d, q,p,w,v).  Many children recognize the capital letters, but not the lowercase letters by themselves.  If your child is having trouble, PLEASE work nightly to alleviate frustration.  Please make a set of flashcards (Aa-Zz) to practice with at home. They can be made out of index cards or construction paper.   Work with your child if there is a difficulty.


The students brought home their 1st Test Packet last week in the big white envelope last Wednesday.  If you did not sign and return all the tests, please do so.  I will keep them until the end of the trimester and then return them to you.  Please leave all of these test papers intact. Please sign the colored paper on the front of the test packet and return it ASAP.   If you see your child is having difficulty in a certain area (such as letter writing or patterns), please work with your child in that area.  This will really help your child.  If you are in need of ideas on how to help your child, then let’s sit down and meet.  I am looking forward to our conferences later this month.  I want to again, thank you ahead of time for taking the time to meet with me.  If it is easier for you to meet with me early in the morning (7:15-7:30AM), please let me know and I will try to arrange it.  This mandatory conference is very important and together we can help each other to educate your child. 


We will be having our Math test on numbers, and counting, as well as patterns.  Some of the children are having difficulty with number writing.  Please work on this at home.  Any help you can give your child in Math will definitely help him/her.


     If you need to get in touch with me my email is:  My website can be found at  Go to About Us, click school staff and then my name. There you will find many links for the children to practice educational skills at home. 




Now that October is here the regular uniform is in effect.  The students are to wear long pants (with belt) or the school jumper with solid white or navy blue ankle socks (or tights). Also, since the mornings are getting cooler, the students will need to wear their sweaters or jackets for recess.  Please make sure your child’s name is on them!!  Please have your child practice zipping, snapping, and buttoning his or her jacket independently. If your child is having difficulty with this, please practice this skill with them.  This is evaluated on the report card.  It is important that the students TAKE THE TIME to practice this by themselves, before you help them.  Many students are having difficulty with shoe tying.  Please begin to work on that as well. Thank you. Remember: PRACTICE MAKES US BETTER!



   Thank you for the opportunity to love and nurture your child.  Happy Fall!!!




                                                                        Mrs. K. Potts


         Upcoming Dates:


Monday       10/2     Regular school uniform begins for all students (Slacks or jumper are to be worn only). 


Tuesday      10/3   Blessing of the animals 2:00pm in the field


Thursday    10/5  Noon Dismissal


Friday                   10/6   No School (Teacher In-service)


Monday       10/9   Columbus Day (No School)


Wednesday 10/11         Fieldtrip permission slip and $8 are due to school


Monday       10/16  Field trip for kindergarten


Friday                   10/20 First Marking Period Interim


Thursday    10/26 Grandparent’s Day & Parent conferences


Friday                   10/27 Home & School Halloween Party


Sept. 11, 2017  

September 11, 2017


            Our first week went very nicely.  The students are really beginning to get into the routine!  Wow!  They sure were tired after that long week.  Please be sure to pack your child a water bottle (with a pop-up lid, not a twist lid) for the classroom and a separate drink for the lunch box.  They seem to be getting them mixed up.  Some leave both in classroom at lunch time and then they do not have a drink for lunch. Others are taking both to the cafeteria and then they don’t have one for the classroom when they need it.  The drink in the lunchbox stays in the lunchbox until late in the afternoon.  I am sure they will get into the swing of things if you help review that with them at home.  (Thank you!) Just a reminder; if you have milk money or snack money, please place it right in the lunchbox itself. If your child brings a dessert that requires a spoon, you must provide it.  Spoons are only available some days in the cafeteria, but not all.


I want to remind everyone that this Wednesday Sept.13, we have a very important meeting.  The Preschool-2nd grade meeting will begin in the classroom at 5:30.  This meeting is for parents only.  At the conclusion of this meeting there is a short meeting in the cafeteria with Mrs. White.  I look forward to seeing each of you on Wednesday.


When it is time and your child “feels ready” to buy his\her lunch, please remember that all lunch orders are placed at the beginning of the month.  Please do not send in money for lunch on a daily basis.    Please be sure to PRINT your child’s name on the menu.  Place some stickers or a little picture on the top of the menu to help your child find the menu among all of the other menus in the class. 


Remember to label all containers and thermos you may wish to get back.



I also wanted to share with you some short 2-3 minute videos that will help give you ideas of different ways to work with your child as he/she grows in Kindergarten.  The first one is ways to help you get your child organized and out the door in the morning as you go off to school.


School Preparation



Print Awareness



Sight words:




Letter Formation and readiness:



Name Writing:


Sound Sequence



Story Re-Telling












Mrs. K. Potts

Sept, 13, 2017  

September, 2017

 Dear Parents,


The children are excited about ordering lunch from the cafeteria.  It is a long and slow process.   If your child “feels ready” to purchase his/her lunch, please use the following procedure:


            Lunch menus will be posted on the school website monthly.  Students will order lunch at the beginning of each month.  Please submit the menu and the payment in advance. Clearly circle your choice on the menu.  Total your cost.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY YOUR CHILD’S NAME AT THE TOP OF THE MENU.  Your child will need to be able to recognize his/her own menu when it is time.  Make a copy of the menu for yourself.  Return the menu and the check in an envelope (with student name and grade) and place it in your child’s folder.  The lunch order form for September menu is due. 


If your child is bringing a lunch there are many items your child may purchase (milk, pudding, fruit, pretzel, ice cream and so forth).  These items will be available on a daily basis.  Payment for these a la carte items will be made each day. Money for this may go in a baggie or envelope and placed in the lunchbox.  Prices for these items are found on the school website.  


Talk to your child about what he\she is buying that day.  (Sometimes when the children buy lunch EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD!!!  And then they try to buy EVERYTHING!!!)  If they have extra money left over it will be placed back in the envelope and that will be placed in the lunchbox.  (So keep an eye out for it!) Discuss food allergies of others and therefore we cannot share food.  We want to make sure everyone is safe.  Please seal all money envelopes.  Many children may lose their lunch money envelope before they even get to the cafeteria if it is not in a SEALED ENVELOPE.  This procedure will help things run more smoothly for your child at lunch.  This would give your child more time to eat.  


Your child’s daily snack is placed in a small pocket of the book bag with a napkin.  This way the child will not have to remember to open up the lunch box to get a snack.



            If you need a copy of the menu it can be found on the school website at: www.sapgs.orgREMEMBER: AFTER YOU CHOOSE YOUR CHILD’S LUNCH FOR THE MONTH MAKE A COPY FOR YOURSELF.  This way later in the month you will know what your child is ordering each day and you can remind them. 


I know this is different than many of you are used to.  However, it is easier than having the children carry cash back and forth to school every day.    If you have any further questions feel free to call Mrs. De John our cafeteria manager.  Have a wonderful day!



            If you are packing your child’s lunch please discuss what it is they want to eat.  Guaranteed if they don’t like it: They won’t eat it!  


                                                                        Yours Truly,



                                                                        Mrs. K. Potts






Homework in kindergarten is a review of what your child has learned in school during the day or the past week.  It is mandatory.  It will begin later in September.  Homework is to be completed by the child.  You’d be surprised how many students have brought to school work which was completed by an older student or a parent.  Homework is to benefit the child!  The homework policy is as follows:

·        A homework packet will be sent home on Monday with an assignment or two for each night.  Please complete that assignment and send only that completed assignment back to school the next day.

·        Keep the Homework Packet at home.

·        Reading 15 mins. Each night to your child (or your child I reading to you).  A child that is read to becomes a better reader.

·        Practicing sight words as they are sent home

·        An occasional project

·        Possibly there will be work sent home that your child did not complete during the day (or work that is needed for extra help)

Please do not work ahead with the assignments.  The skill of a certain lesson may not have been taught yet.  The Sight Words must be practiced as well.  If you need ideas on how to make practicing sight words, letters, numbers more fun, please set up an appointment.  I have lots of great ideas that can help.  There are many educational links on my website.  Your child might enjoy using as he/she practices a skill. They will periodically be changed on my website, so save them to your computer.  Please use these links and play with your child.  With your help, I know we will have a successful school year.