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Dear Parents,

                We have been very busy in preschool this week. We started our first letter of the week “A.” We practiced tracing the letter on the smartboard and at our tables. We learned the sound it makes and things that begin with that sound.  We worked on tracing triangles and identifying them throughout the room. Please work on shapes and colors with your children at home. I always begin the year with them as a refresher but I do expect for most of the children to know many of them already. Shapes that should be known are- circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, star, diamond. Colors are- blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown, black, white, purple. If your child does not know these please work on this at home.

                We have been working a lot on name writing and tracing this week. If your child can not identify their name in print please work on this skill at home. They should be able to find their name on their chair or cubby and they should know most if not all of the letters in their name. We will be practicing name writing in class daily and knowing the letters in their name is important.  The children have been working at centers these past two weeks and they are doing a wonderful job knowing when to switch and where to go. I am very proud of them. They love getting to play with their friends and iPads and building have been big hits this week! In Religion this week we learned about friends of Jesus and how we can be a friend of Jesus. In Science this week we learned about alligators. In Spanish we learned the color orange and we practiced counting from 1-10. The homework for this week is the letter A packet. It will be due next Friday.

Thank you for all you do! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Palmer and Mrs. Truver