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Dear Parents and Students,

As we end a wonderful Catholic Schools Week I would like to thank our fabulous Home and School Association for providing the teachers lunch on Teacher Appreciation Day as well as our trip to the movies. We had a great time!

It is time to replenish our tissues, paper towels, and wipes. If your last name ends in M through Z we would appreciate these items brought to school. We try to sanitize each day to keep the germs down. Thank you.

We have just passed the Midterm point of Trimester2. Social Studies is a content-driven subject. Please stress to your child the importance of studying each night to review what was learned during the day.

Open lines of communication between parents and teachers is directly linked to student success. Please email me, or call, if at any time you have a concern.  I can be reached at, the school office (421-3743) or text me at 2200961 after 3:00. It is a privilege to teach your child, and know that I am always available to help him/her achieve their goals.The following is a brief outline of what the students are learning. Thank You. Ms. Casale

Social Studies

Grade 8 - Progressive Era

Grade 7 - The Constitution

Grade 6 - Ancient Greece/Greek Mythology


Middle School English - Verbs


Important Dates

Feb. 11- Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast 7:00 - 2:00 in Ballad Room

Feb. 12 - Math League at 3:30

Feb. 14 - Ash Wednesday Grotto’s Night 4:00- 9:00

Feb. 15 - Spelling Bee - 1:30

Feb. 16 - no school

Feb. - 19- no school